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The NEURO_QUAL Resource

Before you begin, NEURO_QUAL is broken down into 6 key units. These units are as follows:

Unit 1: Qualitative Thinking
Unit 2: Designing Qualitative Research
Unit 3: Qualitative Interviews
Unit 4: Focus Groups
Unit 5: Principles of Qualitative Analysis
Unit 6: Quality in Qualitative Research

🧭 You can navigate between these units through the sidebar on the left.

Within each unit, there are a number of additional sub-units. These can be seen by the navigation sidebar on the right in each unit.

As a multimedia resource, we hope to bring qualitative research to life by the use of Figures & Tables, Podcasts, Videos and Templates.

In addition, to help guide your learning, and how you might incorporate qualitative research into your own works, we've built in a number of Reflection Points.

We'd love to hear your suggestions or comments as new or experienced qualitative researchers using the NEURO_QUAL resource! You can get in touch with us via our Contact page.

Ready to enter NEURO_QUAL?